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Your Best Source for String Lights!

Welcome to PartyLights.com! We boast one of the most comprehensive selections of indoor and outdoor string lights on the web, with choices for every taste and function.

Whether you’re putting on a casual get-together or a massive catered affair, we know the party lighting you choose will greatly affect the ambiance and décor of your event. Outdoor string lights are an essential aspect of any open-air party setup, and they can also add a much-needed touch of class and style to virtually any indoor festivities. Modern lighting options have extended far beyond the traditional pointed bulbs we see around the holidays, to include a wide variety of unique and elegant styles that illuminate the night atmosphere brilliantly. With products ranging from LED party lights and flameless candles to designer lanterns and modern projection systems, as well as a huge selection of inspired string lighting like nothing you’ve ever seen, the sky’s the limit when it comes to lighting for your next celebration.