Vintage String Lights

Edison-style String Lighting for Backyards & Patios

Our Vintage String Lights use Edison-style bulbs for a retro chic and stylish look. Vintage, Edison-style String Lights work great indoors, but the commercial grade cord options feature high-quality, heavy-duty construction which make them perfect for using for outdoor string lighting. Our Vintage String Lighting offers traditional incandescent Edison style bulbs or more energy-efficient vintage-style LED bulbs. For the discerning customer looking for a retro modern look, Vintage String Lights are the way to go!

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Commercial vs. Standard Grade Edison-Style String Lights

Commercial grade refers to the actual cord, not our Edison light bulbs. Commercial grade cords are made from heavy duty wire with weather-proof sockets making them ideal for permanent outdoor lighting use. Standard grade cords work for indoor or outdoor installations, but typically don't last as long outdoors making them ideal for event lighting and smaller, less permanent applications.


What's the Difference Between Medium and C9 Sockets?

These terms refer to the socket size of the cord and bulb. Medium (or E26) is the same socket size as a standard household bulb. C9 (or E17) is slightly smaller and is historically known as the old Christmas light bulb size. Get details and full measurements in our resource article.


Bright Ideas for Vintage, Edison Lighting

Jump over to our Bright Ideas blog site for new product highlights, design ideas and more. If you're considering vintage style light strings for your outdoor patio or event, we have a blog tag set up just for Vintage Lighting for your easy reference.