String Lights

Decorative Indoor and Outdoor String Lights

Create a stylish look for backyards, patios, weddings and other events with a wide variety of decorative string lights. String Lights from PartyLights offer the convenience of ready-to-use lights for homeowners and event planners as a lighting solution. We offer LED String Lights, as well as Vintage String Lights for those searching for a Edison-bulb look. Our popular C7 Globe String Lights offer an affordable solution in pre-packaged sets for home, event or wedding lighting needs. For indoor or outdoor string lighting, we’ve got it all.

Create your own string lights! Shop all of our Bulb options and Cords sold separately.

Commercial vs. Standard Grade String Lighting

When you hear commercial grade, it is the actual cord, not the light bulbs, that make string lights "commercial grade". Commercial grade cords are made from heavy duty wire with weather-proof sockets making them ideal for permanent outdoor use. Standard grade cords work for indoor or outdoor installations, but typically don't last as long outdoors making them ideal for events and smaller, less permanent applications.


Medium vs. C9 vs. C7 ... What's the Difference?

These terms refer to the socket size of the cord and bulb. Medium (or E26) is the same socket size as a standard household bulb. C9 (or E17) is slightly smaller and is historically known as the old Christmas light bulb size. C7 (or E12) is the smaller of the three and is the same size typically used for chandeliers.


Benefits of Bulk Reel String Lighting

Bulk reels offer full flexibility when permanently installing outdoor string lights. The 330-foot spools of heavy duty string lighting provides the length often needed for buildings, patios, backyards, bars, or restaurants. Bulk reel outdoor string lights do not come with plugs. It is intended to be hard-wired to a power source or you can attach your own plugs.

Guide Wire for Hanging String Lights



Strength & Durability

Galvanized steel cables provide the perfect solution to add extra support to the heavier commercial grade string lights. When spanning your string lights over longer distances, guide wires help prevent sagging. They also offer stability in windy conditions.

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