Mini Lights

LED Mini Lights & Incandescent Mini Lights for Home Decor and More!

Our selection of mini lights is the ideal choice if you’re looking for little lights to make a big impact. We offer mini Christmas lights in a variety of bulb and cord colors, as well as LED and the traditional incandescent. These conveniently designed lights are perfect whether you are trimming the tree for Christmas, planning a party, organizing a wedding or just decorating. And if you’re looking for LED mini lights, the M5 LED Mini String Lights and the M6 LED Mini String Lights most resemble the standard mini light. All of our LED mini lights have an average life of 100,000 hours and you can safely string between 44 and 88 strands together depending on bulb size.

Christmas String Lights

The traditional incandescent mini Christmas String Lights are some of the most widely used for Christmas String Lights. Even though LED mini lights are a growing trend, incandescent Christmas mini lights are a quick, cost-effective holiday lighting solution. From 10- to 100-light lengths and a wide variety of bulb and cord colors, mini Christmas lights can easily be used year-round to match any decor.


LED Mini Light Sizes

Our LED mini lights come in a wide array of sizes, shapes and colors that offer a wealth of options so you can find the perfect match for your Christmas light and display lighting needs. LED mini lights can have the traditional smooth bulb look, faceted for a crystal-looking affect, wide angle for brightness from many angles, or dew drop shape for a spot of light. See the full bulb comparison of all our Christmas LED mini lights on our blog.


Battery Powered Mini Lights

Get the greatest flexibility for decor lighting with battery-operated mini string lights. From the dew drop fairy lights to the raspberry-size G12 mini lights, you can find lengths from 3 feet to 66 feet to highlight your decor of any size. Battery-powered mini lights allows the flexibility to add to centerpieces, floral arrangements, wedding decorations, wreaths, home decor and more.

Battery Operated Fairy Lights

Battery Operated & Corded


Centerpiece Lights & Decor Lighting

Fairy lights provide a great amount of flexibility with wrapping and twisting around centerpieces, mantle decor accents, DIY projects and more. The thin, flexible wire allows you to light up your decor to make the tiny lights the focus and not a cord. Many options are available that are either battery operated for putting anywhere or electric options that allow longer fairy light lengths.