LED Light Strings and Décor Lighting

Energy-Efficient and Long-Lasting LED Lights

LED String Lights and Decor Lighting are the perfect addition to any patio, party or indoor space. From our wide selection of LED Mini Lights to the ever-popular LED Outdoor String Lights to color-changing Light Cubes and Orbs, we’ve got it all. LED replacement bulbs are all the rage because of their average bulb life, while the LED Fairy Lights offer flexibility to accent any decor. Whatever style of LED lighting you choose, you'll feel better knowing that you're saving energy without compromising your design.

LED Bulb Buying Guide

LED lights have grown in popularity over the last several years. One thing that confuses customers is the color temperature of LED bulbs. This article explains and shows the variances.


Bulb & Socket Guide

PartyLights.com hopes to take the guessing game out of string light and bulb shopping. There are only three bulb sizes that we sell: C7, C9 and Medium. These are the names we use, but these bulb sizes can go by many different names.


LED vs. Incandescent:
Which Bulb Is Right For You?

Bulb shapes may be similar, but LED and incandescent bulbs have their own unique characteristics and benefits. This article explains their differences to help you make the right choice with string lights.