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C9 String Lights & Bulbs

C9 String Lights & Bulbs

C9 Lights are among the most flexible indoor / outdoor lighting options on the market and have a C9/intermediate base. [?]

C9 Christmas lights are some of the most popular holiday decorating choices due to their durable and versatile nature, with various socket spacing and length options. C9 LED Christmas Lights also make a smart and safer choice. These bulbs are perfect for outdoor parties, weddings and backyards, poolside or patio decorating.

Shop our C9 String Lights Sets section for our most popular string lights and bulbs bundled together.

C9 String Lights C9 String Lights
12", 24" & 36" spacing
14'–100' lengths
(Green, Black or White)

$9.94 - $34.95
Custom C9 String Lights Custom C9 String Lights
24", 36" & 48" socket spacing
(Green or White)

$1.50 - $2.50 per socket
C9 String Light Kits C9 String Light Kits
Bundled strings & bulbs
G40 Light Bulbs G40 Bulbs
1.5" bulbs; 7 watts
(Clear only)

$0.90 each
G50 Bulbs G50 Bulbs
2" bulbs; 7 watts
(Clear & Colors)

$1.00 each
10S11 Bulbs 10S11 Bulbs
1.5" bulbs; 10 watts
(Clear & Colors)

$1.00 each
C9 Bulbs C9 Bulbs
7 watts
(Clear & Colors)

$0.35 each
LED C9 Bulbs LED C9 Bulbs
0.49 watts
(Whites & Colors)
(Faceted & Smooth)

$1.80-$2.25 each
LED G30 Bulbs LED G30 Bulbs
0.49 watts
(Whites & Colors)

$3.00 each
LED G40 Bulbs LED G40 Bulbs
0.49 watts
(Whites & Colors)
(Smooth & Faceted)

$3.50-$4.00 each
LED G40 Premium Bulbs (C9) LED G40 Premium Bulbs
0.6 watts
C9/Intermediate Base

$4.00 each
LED G40 Professional Bulbs LED G40 Professional Bulbs
1 watt
C9/Intermediate Base

$7.00 each
LED G50 Premium Bulbs (C9) LED G50 Premium Bulbs
0.6 watts
C9/Intermediate Base

$4.25 each