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String Lights & Bulbs Resource Center

Tip #1 ... Measure, measure, measure! When you think you know your length, measure it again. Get a piece of graph paper and draw a diagram of your event or space with your lighting.

Tip #2 ... Deciding which product is best for your needs can be confusing, read through the information below to find the right light string for your space/event.

Tip #3 ... If you just don’t know what to do, call us toll free 866-758-5836! We are here to help you find the way!

Why Commercial Grade?

Not sure whether commercial grade string lights are right for you? Here's some detailed information on the benefits of going commercial.

Bulb & Socket Guide

Confused by the different bulb and socket sizes? Have a string light or bulb size you want to match but don't know the size? This article takes the mystery out of bulb shopping.

Length of Lights to Buy

We always encourage you to measure your space before ordering. If it is hard to estimate, then take out a rope or string and follow the pattern where you would like your string lights to hang. Keep in mind where your outlets are as well since longer lengths may require multiple outlets.

Support for Cords

If you are going to run longer distances, we recommend hanging up a guide wire first and then attaching your strands to that. If hanging more than 15 feet of commercial cords or 25 feet of standard cord, use a guide wire. With commercial grade cords this is particularly important because the strands are so heavy.

Longest Strands

The longest length is 100 feet on most of our styles. But read the product details, some products like our LED strands or European Cafe lights can run longer distances. Or you can consider our custom length cut cords which we can cut longer than 100 feet.

Choosing Bulbs

Pay attention to the socket size that is on the cord, and buy a bulb to fit. For instance, if the cord you like has a candelabra base then make sure the bulb you are selecting has a candelabra base. Also make note of the maximum wattage for each socket in the cord and do not exceed.

Amount of Light

Take the wattage of the bulb you are selecting and multiple it with the number of sockets on the cord. This will give you the overall wattage emitted. Keep in mind that this light is dispersed among the entire area that you are hanging your lights.

Sockets Per Cord

This will vary by cord. Most of the cords where you screw in the bulbs, there is one foot between the sockets. The C9 commercial cords have 1.25 feet between sockets and most of the medium base commercial cords have 2 feet in between sockets. Always refer to the product details on the product pages for the exact distance.

Limited or No Outlets

If you have limited outlets and need to hang a longer distance, go LED. The LED bulbs draw such little energy, you can run a really long distance with just one outlet. If you have no outlets, consider solar products. However, keep in mind you must have full sun for at least 6-8 hours a day for solar products.

Outlets Far Away

You can use extension cords if your outlet is far away from where you want to hang your lights. This is also useful if you need to plug in multiple strands since extension cords usually have three outlets.

How to Hang String Lights

Hanging distance is recommended up to 20 feet from point to point. Add a very durable and strong guide wire to attach your lights to for longer lengths and permanent installations. This will save you on the life of cord. Definitely use a guide wire for commercial grade products.

Wrapping Trees

For longer lengths to wrap around trees or a gazebo, consider pre-assembled LED Light Sets. LEDs consume about 10% the energy compared to conventional bulbs. Because of the low wattage, you can connect many sets end to end or have longer lengths without needing additional power.