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Lantern Center

No Electricity Available

Our LED Battery-Operated Light Kits are the perfect solution. The light kits have a string that you can tie to the lantern's metal insert allowing the flexibility to hang the lanterns wherever you'd like. They are not super bright, but have enough light to make your lanterns glow.

Light Up Large Areas

Generally the best option is C9 Strings & Bulbs or Commercial Medium Base Strings. Both provide the flexibility of length and bulb sizes and colors. For more information, refer to our Large Events page or Strings Center.

Light One or a Few

The brightest option would be the single electric kit which is single cord socket that you plug into an outlet. You can use up to a 60-watt bulb for the most possible light. This option works great if you are just hanging a few in a room for long-term decoration.

Lantern Lighting Guide

We've provided a one-page view of all the various ways you can light up paper lanterns in our Lantern Lighting Guide. The guide provides a description of each lighting option, as well as a link directly to those products.

Choosing Color

Monitor settings are different on each computer so colors can vary. On each product page, there is a worded description of the specific colors. If you are still not sure, you can purchase a variety of colors to see them in person and return any unopened packages you won't be using. Shop by Color

Determine Quantity

Graph out your event space. Draw circles where you want to hang your lanterns. If you are using light strands, graph out where you are hanging the cords and estimate where the sockets may fall and which will include lanterns.

Determine Size

Our most popular is the 14” Lantern which is about the same size as a standard beach ball. If you are hanging lanterns in a vaulted ceiling or high above people's heads then go larger. Go smaller if the lanterns are not much above people’s heads or at eye level.

Mix 'n Match Sizes

Many people like to have the same style of ribbing. The 6”, 8”, 12” and 16” all have the horizontal ribbing, whereas the 10”, 14” and 18” have the freestyle ribbing — the 4” difference in the sizes really complement a look.

Outdoor Use

Most of our Lanterns are made of paper therefore just temporary outdoor use is suggested. Our Nylon Lanterns will hold up in moderate weather conditions.

Hanging Lanterns

The lanterns are very lightweight. If you are not lighting them up, then you can just use fishing line. To dress them up use ribbon or for a country flair use twine. If you are using light strings then the lanterns will just clip onto the light bulb. The 6” and 8” have a hook that will hang on the light strand.

Daytime Parties

All you have to do is purchase the lanterns — no need to light them up. You can use fishing line to hang them so they appear to float. Use ribbon or toile to create a more elegant look. Twine is always good to give a rustic feel to your party!

Small Area Ambient Lighting

Our Paper Shade Sets give off more subtle lighting due to the minilights that are inside the shades. These are great for decorating around a table, under an umbrella, or outlining a railing on a deck.

Lantern Assembly

Our lanterns are packaged and shipped flat to save space and are very easy to assemble. Every package should include assembly instructions. If you didn't get or can't find the instructions, click here for the step-by-step guide and diagram.

More Decorating Ideas

A picture is worth a thousand words! Whether you're decorating for a backyard party, wedding or other big event, grab some inspiration from our Lovely Lanterns Pinterest board. If you see something you’d like to duplicate, just call us and we can help.