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Commercial C9 String Lights & Bulbs

PartyLights.com carries all the commercial C9 string lights and bulbs you need for business or outdoor event lighting. Achieve a professional look with a high-quality, long-lasting C9 commercial string light. Heavy-gauge wire and weatherproof seal help commercial C9 string lights resist the elements and withstand year-round conditions.

We offer a variety of commercial C9 string lights and bulbs that are perfect for permanent installation on commercial buildings, gazebos, patios and more.

See our Commercial C9 String Lights Kits section for our most popular string lights and bulbs bundled together.

Commercial C9 String Lights - with Plug
25' & 100', with plug
(Black & White)

$47.95 - $179.95

Commercial C9 String Lights - Custom
Custom length, no plug
(Black & White)

$2.50 per socket

Commercial C9 String Lights - Bulk Reels
330' Bulk Reel, no plug
(Green, Black & White)


Commercial C9
String Light Kits

Bundled strings & bulbs

C9 Bulbs
7 watts
(Clear, Colors & Opaques)

$0.35-$2.25 each

G40 Bulbs
7 watts
(Clear only)

$0.90 each

G50 Bulbs
7 watts
(Clear & Colors)

$1.00 each

10S11 Bulbs
10 watts
(Clear & Colors)

$1.00 each

LED C9 Bulbs
0.49 watts
(Whites & Colors)

$1.80-$2.25 each

LED G30 Bulbs
0.49 watts
(Whites & Colors)

$3.00-$3.50 each

LED G40 Bulbs
0.49 watts
(Whites & Colors)
(Smooth & Faceted)

$3.50-$4.00 each

LED G40 Premium Bulbs
0.6 watts
C9/Intermediate Base

$4.00 each

LED G40 Professional Bulbs
1 watt
C9/Intermediate Base

$7.00 each

LED G50 Premium Bulbs
0.7 watts
C9/Intermediate Base

$4.25 each