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A19 Bulbs

These A19 bulbs have a medium/E27 base. [?]

Used with our Commercial Medium Stringers, they are an 25 watt bulb, are 2.25" in diameter and 3" high (4.25" with base), and have an average life of 4,000 hours.

A19 bulbs are the same size as a regular household bulb and the highest wattage bulb we carry. When you need a significant amount of light, these are a great choice for lighting up larger outdoor areas.

A19 Medium Base Bulb - Clear
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A19 Medium Base Bulb - Frosted
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A19 Medium Base Bulb - Amber
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A19 Medium Base Bulb - Blue
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A19 Medium Base Bulb - Green
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A19 Medium Base Bulb - Purple
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A19 Medium Base Bulb - Red
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