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Star Paper Lanterns

Star Paper Lanterns

When decorating a space, why settle for doing it in an ordinary way? With the addition of some star paper lanterns, you can highlight any space with surprising pops of colors and geometric designs that add unexpected details. These lanterns are sure to become a great conversation starter with family and friends. They are wonderful in commercial spaces, as well. When ambience is key, try a few star lanterns for a warm, but modern look.

Imagine the look on a friends face when you give them star paper lanterns for their housewarming gift? With virtually every color of the rainbow, and metallics and prints available, the hardest part of your gift giving will be choosing just a few. It won’t take long to get these unique lanterns delivered to your doorstep and just think of the savings on gasoline. You don’t even have to leave your driveway!

Imagine a star paper lantern in chartreuse, fuschia, lilac, or platinum. Maybe all three colors will tie together a new color scheme. In turquoise, gold, black and white paisley or plum, you can light up a casual or formal space with star paper lanterns. They will work as an accent in a bedroom, living or dining room, kitchen and also look amazing in outdoor patio areas. Since these 24” lanterns are paper-light, they are super easy to hang just about anywhere.

To light them up, try LED battery kits, electrical kits, or submersible lights  are a great heat-free option to use in areas where there are no outlets.

 There are lots of ways to decorate with the huge variety of lights available at, but paper lanterns and star paper lanterns make the results extra bold and feather light!

With more than 50 different colors to choose from, paper lantern lights can make a backyard party glow as the wind gentle sways the lights and renders forth wonderful shadow effects at night. When star paper lanterns are mixed with the other shapes and sizes of paper lanterns like cylinders, squares, ovals, cocoons, beehives or multiple sizes of round balls, a breathtaking dimensional theme will readily come to life. Choose white, multi-colored, metallics or prints like stripes and paisleys in color duos.

You won’t be the only one who caught on to getting the best in party light styles, colors and price. You may have seen lights from used in popular films, hit television shows like “The Office” and on the Food Network to add flair to sets of cooking shows. Our lights are also featured in magazines like Redbook, Modern Bride, Martha Stewart’s Blueprint and Better Homes and Gardens.

Shop like the professionals and lighten things up. Star paper lanterns are fun used as a solo highlight or as an interesting addition to any lighting project or decorating theme.