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Paper Lanterns Battery

Paper Lanterns Battery

If you have ever felt overwhelmed at the prospect of creating a party atmosphere, your worries are over if you choose to decorate with paper lanterns battery operated in style!

You can hang a wide variety of paper lanterns anywhere, for any purpose! Whether you spread paper lanterns battery powered by solar energy around your favorite yard or patio setting or go for an arrangement of paper lanterns battery powered by LED lights indoors, your selection is at your fingertips with a quick visit to Your jaw will drop when you see the sizes, shapes, colors, materials and so much more! The best part is they are so affordable, easy to hang and even easier to rearrange once your ideas get rolling.

Imagine an elegant style like Soji Silk lanterns? These shimmering pearl silk fabric lanterns combine a traditional Asian flair with the look of rice paper for a lantern that is purely elegant and beautiful! You won’t believe the soft shimmering light that moves through silk and if you are lucky enough to relax outdoors while the moon is full, there is an entirely new dimension added to your outdoor array of exquisite lantern lights. How fun and easy it is to change your lighting pattern when there are no cords or outlets to worry about? This is lighting freedom that can add a new feeling to your indoor and outdoor life whenever the mood strikes. As you change colors of bulbs or lanterns, you can change moods in any space in a snap. Suppose you want your warm red glow indoors this week and the pristine sparkle of white outdoors to welcome new winter snow? Maybe amber LED or solar powered lights shaded by green paper lanterns to create a cool teal effect?

Whether you choose earth tones, or vibrant shades like mango, yellow, turquoise or fuchsia, paper lanterns are lasting and so easy to add to your space. There are so many sizes to choose from and unusual shapes like oval, beehive, cocoon, cylindrical and even star-shaped paper lanterns. It is an extraordinary way to decorate that lifts up your eyes in a room and will also lift your spirits! If you have a difficult to match fabric, or an obscure color theme, you will find more paper lanterns battery powered lights than you ever dreamed possible at

Try mod colors like dark chocolate and lavender or try a star paper lantern in 24 karat gold! We even have classic, white eyelet lanterns to highlight a Victorian theme. How sweet is that?

For a look that brightens up a special corner, vase or pool area, LED submersible lights or candelas can be added to lanterns so they can be placed strategically throughout a space. There is no fire threat to your space and you can enjoy a versatile decorative look for months to come since paper lanterns battery powered by LED lights stay cool and last so long.