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Camping String Lights

Camping String Lights

Camping excursions always build fun memories, and when packing for your next trip into the great outdoors, don’t forget your camping string lights! When checking your list of necessities for a camping trip, string lights may not be at the top, but ask yourself, “why not?” You can make any campsite into a veritable “home away from home” with a few, or maybe many styles of camping string lights.

If you want an all-white theme to highlight a floral or beachside site, has just about any size or shape and unusual style of white light, but there are so many more varieties of shapes, colors, and sizes, you will wonder why you didn’t visit sooner! You will see more than 50 different colors to choose from and varieties of light globe sizes, patterned designs of strings, novelty lights, lanterns and so much more.

Maybe the family or a group of the guys are planning a lakeside fishing trip? Imagine how fun it would be to have the fish-cleaning area surrounded by camping string lights shaped like Bass, Walleye or even Rainbow Trout lights! That’s right, you can get strings of lights in shapes like vintage lures, lighthouses, shotgun shells, duck callers, ice fishing houses, small red lanterns, and bobbers. Can you believe how far your imagination can soar with all of these choices? And you have only heard about the novelty camping lights at this point! Start combining these camping string lights with paper lanterns, or combos of lights and the sky is the limit.

If you are wondering what is going to power all of these lights, do not give it a second thought. At you can choose from solar light lanterns, strings and candelas. Or check out the multiple choices of battery operated LED lights. They even come in submersible varieties. Need we say more? With no need for electrical outlets and no cords to worry about, you can intersperse solar strings in a variety of colors with multiple shapes and sizes of paper lanterns powered by LED battery lights for a safe, heat-free light source that will make you feel like you have transported yourself to a faraway land.

Inside of a tent, there is always a concern when you need light. How can lights be utilized safely? That is easy to answer with a few keystrokes at We have lots of lights which need no electrical outlets and stay cool all day and night!

You can go for an extreme theme on your next camping trip with novelty lights around the tent sites and campfire, or you can create a romantic Arabian style camp theme with camping string lights in soft glowing shades that make you and your guests feel cozy and peaceful while you gaze at the stars. One thing is for sure, you will have a chance to make your next trip to the outdoors the best with camping string lights from