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Novelty String Lights

Novelty String Lights

Novelty String Lights

Everybody loves to collect something or to bring a special focus to a favorite item. What easier way to bring attention to your interests than by using novelty string lights? Here are some helpful tips on how to incorporate novelty string lights into your decorations.

Keep it simple. To avoid a cluttered look, choose just one or two styles to enhance your decor. For instance, in a kitchen, stick to a particular color scheme and add some novelty lights like chili peppers, chili ristra or grape clusters, depending on your desired theme.

For sports or outdoor events, pick a look and go with a few strands of colored lights and your favorite novelty string lights. Imagine creating a beach party, summer luau, fishing or camping collection of lights, or perhaps create an Italian outdoor bistro. In minutes you can transform any space into a glowing and warm oasis of welcomes that will make it unforgettable.

When you decide on a particular theme, it will make the next step of selecting styles and colors easier and prevent you from going overboard which may lead you to feeling overwhelmed with your project. There is no need to fret when there are hundreds of choices of novelty string lights to try.

But remember, novelty lights can be used everywhere or as accent pieces. They are so unique and unexpected and can add whimsy and definition to even a tabletop, highlighting a particular collection or item of interest. During the holidays, they can be an exciting and surprising addition to your festive pieces, but if you are struggling with how to incorporate novelty string lights into decor, try a few here and there.

Novelty String Lights

For just about every theme, color and genre, there is a whole world of creative choices you can make today!

If you are throwing a party, putting together a theme like a beach party or luau is easy with margarita silhouettes, lighthouses, flip flops or beer mugs. Maybe the wildwest theme is your favorite, or a theme with red, white and blue with fire trucks and fire helmets to celebrate our American patriotism.

For whatever occasion, you will find a novelty light to match it. Strawberries, popsicles, pears and M & M’s are on strings. Imagine them matched with orange, green and red mini lights! Budweiser bottles or cans and wine bottles and beer mugs might help complete a pub-like atmosphere inside or out. Your imagination will be so expanded when you see the amazing selection of string lights you can choose from today!

When you use novelty string lights, the conversation can’t help but be filled with laughs and lighthearted moments. Light up your life and those you love with this extra touch that is memorable and unexpected.