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LED Party Lights

LED Party Lights

LED Party LightsWant to wow your guests at your next event or holiday gathering? Then you just have to see the variety of LED party lights now available from Whether you want to wrap string lights around a room to create spectacular effects with submersible floralytes or add a soft glowing effect with LED candela lights, just know that lighting for anytime, anywhere is not only affordable and fun, but safer than ever.

LED party lights are often used in artificial ponds, flower vases, champagne glasses and fountains. Check out our LED Luau lights, as well.

LED Party LightsWe all love candlelit rooms, but they can become a fire hazard and can also create a mess with melting wax. Who wants to contemplate any life threatening incidents or hours of cleanup just to have some fun or make a beautiful space for friends, family or clients? With LED party lights, the worries are over and you’ll also have more money in your pocket. LED lights are so affordable and long lasting.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. They operate the same way fluorescent lights do. With LEDs and fluorescent lights, the electron transfers between molecules and causes photons to be released. With incandescent bulbs, they use a filament that builds up heat, making the light filament glow, which gives off the light. It converts heat energy to light energy but is more wasteful than an LED light. With incandescent bulbs, 75 percent of the energy generated is heat while 25 percent is light. With photon-generated light or LED light, almost 100 percent of the energy is light, which is why you can have four times as much light for the same wattage as an incandescent. LED lights are also mercury-free. They are made of extremely hard plastic and are unbreakable. This is another great safety factor and one that will add more life to your lights.

LED party lights last up to ten times as long as compact fluorescent lights and far longer than typical incandescent light bulbs. Since LEDs do not have light filaments, they cannot be damaged the same way as a regular incandescent bulb. The solid dense plastic makeup allows LED bulbs to be extra durable and hold up well to jarring, bumping or falling onto the ground.

Another cost savings factor with LED party lights is that they do not heat up. And because these bulbs will last for years, energy is saved in maintenance and replacement costs. For example, many cities in the U.S. are replacing incandescent traffic lights with LED lights because electricity costs can be reduced by 80 percent or more. For longer lasting, durable, cost efficiency and safety, try LED party lights.